About This Week’s Winners:

This Week’s Winners was created by Benjamin Schroeder as a beginning to his sports broadcasting career. The show has grown to feature a team of writers, a graphic designer, and a variety of new people who join the show to talk about sports. 

The show regularly features segments from the NHL, NBA, and NFL, but notably is committed to helping the growth of motorsports in North America, specifically Formula 1 and NASCAR. Most features are commentary of relevant sporting events, but also recaps the past week of active sports.

The show is live every Monday at 3 P.M. EST. on Oakland University’s WXOU, and has recently expanded to most podcast platforms.

This Week’s Winners would not be possible without the help and support from many individuals, but most notably, the help from Dempsey Lauridsen, Makayla Kirby, Austin Ragsdale, and Kristine Schroeder has lifted the show above and beyond any expectations.


Team Statement:

This Week’s Winner is committed to the growth of all sports, the betterment of our communities, and the spread and inclusiveness of radio and podcasts everywhere.


About Benjamin Schroeder

Hello everyone and welcome to This Week’s Winners official website! 

While I was in college, I decided to start a radio show that has turned out to be one of the best experiences of my life! I’ve gone on to meet so many great people and have improved so much over a short period of time, and I’m just getting started!

But just who am I?

I grew up in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan as a huge sports fan. I started playing hockey at the age of 2 and later played soccer, football, and baseball. Playing hockey was the best part of my childhood and early adulthood, but the time eventually came that I stepped away from playing the game. I’ve always had a deep understanding of the sport, and held a high level of respect for sports broadcasters (Doc Emrick, Ken Daniels, Ken Kal to name a few). Although I always wanted to search for a life in sports broadcasting, I never knew how and figured it was impossible.

In 2021, I went to the Oakland University radio station and asked some questions. The Sports Director was more than happy to teach me everything he knew. I started This Week’s Winners soon after. I knew this was the stepping off point for a future career in sports broadcasting.

I wanted the show to be original, I wanted to focus on commentary, voice, theme music, promotional graphics, anything that would help me stand apart from the others. This Week’s Winners has become more than a show to everyone that works on it, and has led to amazing opportunities.

I wanted to focus on a variety of sports so that I could meet a wider variety of people, and show that I can cut it in any sport. I will admit, I’ve had so much help from friends and family. I would not be where I am without the love and support I have.

Outside of the radio show, I write for WDIV/Local 4, and am active on social media.

If This Week’s Winners is the last thing in sports media I have the chance to do, I will be happy. 

I know it’s not though.

I promised myself when the show started that I would stop at nothing to get into sports play-by-play.

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